March 04, 2012

Photo Challenge Updates: Week 9

52 Weeks of Instax:  This weekend, we decided to take down our wall of pictures (it was something like this, but horizontal and 6 rows of them!) It was fun for a while, but I really wanted something new. Bean got me that Into The Wild movie poster for our second Christmas together, and I really love it. We had it in a tiny corner, but it wasn't doing it justice! I'm pretty sure I will change this within a week or two (I'm on a mission to purposefully decorate our living room, not just have random things in here!) but I do want to find the poster a forever home!

Since I pretty much shared every week (expect the last) for February, so I'll start sharing monthly recaps of the daily Instagram challenge at the end of March! This weekend was really productive. I can't wait to share all the fun things we did! What was the best part of your weekend? xo, Meghan

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