April 14, 2012

Making Me Happy

Lately, I've been finding so much beauty in everyday things. I know I should all the time, but so often, it's easy to get caught up in the everything that surrounds you. And a lot of times instead of being grateful, I find myself in the mindset of "what more can I get, for me." "I need this" when really and truly, it's only a want. I was sitting at my desk sometime this week, and this cute little pile of stuff just made me so happy! It's true, I did pick up the carnival journal and the smash pad when at Michaels, but i'm counting that as "wedding stuff! ;) All the rest has just been sitting there, either unopened or un-used. I'm sure at the time when I picked it up I was really excited, but then I brought it home and didn't think twice about it. I don't want to do that! What a waste, of money, but more so it makes me look wasteful. I'm not so much challenging myself to seek out things around my home that are making me happy, but more so, to just love everything that I have. And be so grateful for everything that has been given to me. Occasionally I'll share things with you. Hope that's okay!
In case you were curious: Post it pad, "Make Something Good Today" journal, and Stickers from Target. Carnival journal + smash pad, Michaels. 

What is making you happy lately?! XO. Meghan

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