April 15, 2012

What we Wore: Tallahassee's Painted Backdrop

I've been wanting to take pictures with this mural of the capital for ages, but I didn't have the courage. See, it's in the heart of downtown Tallahassee, and while that may not seem like much, it really is a lot--for people to see me posing while they are on their drive home from work. So it seemed like the perfect time to go when I had someone with me. Thank Ang! I also just wanted to talk briefly about how hard it is to find the right time to take pictures. I am by no means a professional, I am merely a novice, but no matter if I take them in the morning,  mid afternoon, evening (upwards of 7/8 o'clock when it's still light out!) or even the "golden hour" the sun is always against me it seems.

I feel like even though we are both super cute and dress well (duh) when we take pictures it helps me to see other ways to wear and style things. I'd hate to be stuck in a style rut and only wear the same thing, all of the time. That works for some people, but were both still so young, I feel like it's completely okay to try new things and patterns/combinations. So it's safe to say I've really been loving doing 'what we wore' posts, and I hope you have too! We had plans to get coffee, and go to a Mary Kay thing, so adding pictures to the mix is a small glimpse of what our weekly life looks like! minus the Mary Kay part!
On Meghan: Button up, French Toast // Dress, Target // Shoes + Satchel, Target // Belt, from another dress //  Glasses, Coastal // Boston Terrier Ring, c/o Kintage 
On Angela: Striped Shirt + Shorts, Forever 21 // Owl Necklace, Urban Outfitters // Bracelets, Cole Coture // Striped Bag, Forever 21 // Booties, Wanted 

Hope you are having the best Sunday! xo, Meghan + Angela. *ps, unfortunately, you can't see the painted capital in any of these photos! go figure! pps-This was my first ever outfit remix!! I don't know why but I'm terrified of doing remixes. You can see how I styled this dress for the first time here

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