April 17, 2012

Toddler Style

I am only going to preface the mass amount of pictures here by saying that on this particular day Dakota was being such a ham, so naturally I took as many photos as she would allow. Normally getting one or two of her is a hassle, but this particular day I guess she thought she looked as cute as I thought she did! She actually said "cute mama" when I put this little dress on her. Precious! About 10 minutes later she spotted a kitty outside and that was the end of our mini photoshoot. 
I'm not sure if it's different for every child, but so far Dakota hasn't shown any interest into picking her own clothes, probably because she'd pick not to wear any if it were up to her! She does not like getting dressed, at all and will throw mild tantrums the entire time you try and put something on her. "No no no" she says. But as soon as it's on, she's completely fine again. She often times says "cute mama," or "no, off" if she approves or disapproves of something. Like this dress pictured, she thought it was so cute until she noticed the tag on the arm. For the rest of the day she kept insisting "off mama, off" and tried to take off the tag. But for now, I'm going to savor the fact that she lets me dress her! XO. 

Outfit Details:
Anchor/Polka Dot Dress, Harajuku Mini for Target 
Leggings, Walmart
Shoes, Old Navy
Jean Jacket, Thrifted (gift from Gigi)
Bow, Deliciously Sew

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  1. How cute! And how can anyone NOT like girls in polka dot dresses? :D




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