April 19, 2012

What we Wore: U.S Post

It didn't even occur to me until after we took these pictures that we were both wearing the dresses we gave each other for our birthdays. How fun! We had planned to take pictures at this post office, and we both show up looking rather patriotic, coincidence no? How fitting that we both gave each other amazing dresses, with amazing collars. We know each other too well! 
 I'm so excited that I have someone to not only take my pictures, but someone to take pictures with me. Trust me, it is soo much more fun having someone with you. Maybe I'm just actually enjoying myself when I'm not alone, and not worrying about "are people looking at me?" which I tend to do when I am alone. I also really love how this is becoming a weekly, if not more, thing! 
On Angela: Dress, Vanilla and Lace // Boots, Alloy // Ring,  Forever 21 // Necklace, Kohls // Socks, Target
On Meghan: Dress with belt, Modcloth // Striped shirt + Fedora Forever 21 // Oxfords, Target // Owl Necklace + Ring, Forever 21 // Owl Bracelet, gift from mama. 

Happy Thursday to you all! I'll be back a little later to share some outtakes from this outfit shoot. They're hilarious!  xo, Meghan

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  1. Yesss! cannot wait for the outtakes! haha.


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