April 25, 2012

Wedding Project: Groomsman? DIY

It's only here recently, like the past two weeks, that Bean and I have actually done wedding planning. We booked our dream location a few months ago, but hadn't done much planning outside of that. Fast forward to last week. Someone lit a fire inside us because, seriously, we have gotten so much done in these past few weeks! One thing on our to do lists were to ask my 'maids (check) and ask the groomsmen. I obviously put a lot of thought into asking my bridesmaids, but we hadn't put much thought into asking the groomsmen to be groomsmen. Bean planned a little trip with all of the guys to a rodeo on Friday night, but that was pretty much it. On Thursday night  I had a change of heart! I didn't want to boys to be left out! And really, more than anything, I wanted them to read + see what they should be looking like during the wedding. I called Bean (probably a little too excited) and told him about my idea, and he liked it too! Here is how I did it:
I asked Bean to bring home big envelopes with prongs, but they didn't have those at his work, so he brought back huge heavy duty zip block bags. At first I really thought this was silly, and I wouldn't be able to use them, but they turned out to be one of the best parts of it all. (If you want to put a lot of effort into asking your groomsman, but don't want them knowing you tried hard...put all of your goodies in zip block bags, it looks a little less neat!) 
One.  I printed out pictures from my 'Wedding Swoon' board on Pinterest that captured the look/attire of the day  rom the boys perspective. Two. I hit up Michaels Friday morning, for a few things to add to the bag that captured the feel of our wedding. Three + Four. I got these alphabet stickers that had a old world circus/carnival feel with the letters and colors. I got some card stock in the colors of our wedding; colors that the boys should be on the look out for, for their bowties. Five. I picked up some cards with tight ropers on the front that say 'Be Daring' and hand stamped what they should wear on the inside. I wanted the bag to be fun, too though, because the boys were having a night out at the rodeo. Six. So I got some different candies, including some caramel something called "Squirrels Nut Zippers." I thought I was so hilarious, and that they'd all think I was so awesome for finding those. hah.  Seven. The final thing I needed to get were some cigars. I was getting them honestly more for the novelty of having them in the bag, rather than thinking they'd actually smoke them. 
Well two funny things happened all because of these cigars...The first thing was actually more embarrassing. I'm obviously old enough to buy them, but having never bought anything because of my age before...I had no idea what I was looking for. I went in there sounding like a novice asking for "some cigars." Any other day would have been a-okay but as I was checking out, and sounding retarted asking for them, the guy behind me made the comment "oh, getting those for 4/20 eh?" HOW EMBARASSING. I honestly didn't even recognize the date. (And lets don't pretend that we don't know what it is...because we all do!) I had Dakota on my hip, and suddenly I felt like a pot smoking mother. Which I am not, by any means!! The other funny thing is that Bean has never once done anything "drinking/smoking/drug" related. So naturally, I assumed he would think the cigars were funny, but a waste of 4 bucks because he wouldn't be doing anything with them. Well, I was wrong! Him and the boys all smoked their cigars after the rodeo! 
If you plan on doing something similar, just know that boys don't need much. A few candies, something fun (lottery tickets or scratch offs would be cute too!) and a few visuals. All in all, these bags cost us like 10$ or less, for all 5 of them. It took me only an hour to get everything together. The hardest part was stamping every card with what they should wear, but you could just as easily write it instead of stamp it. You can make these super simple like we did, or really dress them up + include something fun like a tiny bottle of your favorite liquor or a fun camera! All in all, the bags were a hit and I'm so glad we made them! 

If you make them, I'd love to see!

xo, Meghan

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