April 24, 2012

What we Wore: Twin Status

I feel the need to explain myself (er, ourselves) in these photos. We both knew we were going to wear our opposite lace dresses. (See, Angela has the dress I have on in cream, and I have the dress she has on in blue) We didn't want to be wearing the exact same lace dress, but we both bought theses dresses on our trip to the beach, and had yet to break them in. So when we both show up to church on Sunday wearing lace dresses, well that was a-okay...but wearing the same belt, oxfords + tights combo was just too funny. Both of the guys asked simultaneously "did y'all do that on purpose?" haha. I guess that's a sign that you are truly best friends, right? I think so!
We drove to this park and took our bikes with us to ride around. Angela made the comment that I looked like I should be in an Urban Outfitters catalog, and really the whole day felt like that! Sunny, pretty wild flowers, pretty dresses, pretty girls, and bike riding. At least that's what they make their days seem like! ;) Also, it's fairly (read: very) weird when a grown man and his teenage son ride up to you on their dirt bikes and say "so are y'all doing some photography?" "it's beautiful out here, let me know if you want me to be in any of the pictures" and then rides away. Yes, very awkward. 
On Angela: Dress, Urban Outfitters // Belt, Forever 21 // Oxfords, Wanted // Tights, Target
On Meghan: Dress + Belt, Forever 21 // Tights + Oxfords, Target // Owl Necklace, gift // Glasses, Coastal.com

Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday! We're in wedding planning overdrive over here, and I couldn't be more happy! xo, Meghan.

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