April 07, 2012

What we Wore: Handmade dresses!

I am so excited to be sharing this with you today! When I saw this DIY I just knew that the Best Girls had to do it! I knew that Angela would want to do dachshunds in honor of her pup Daisy, and Audie would want to do horses because she loves horses! But me, I was having such a hard time committing to something. I thought I wanted to do pugs, feathers + teepees, sailboats, Ferris wheels, and deer. I finally settled on fawns, and I'm so glad I did. We had such a blast making these dresses, the only hard part was seeing them hang in our closets for 3 weeks before we could wear them! 

On Audrey:  Dress, Handmade + Target // Boots, her riding boots.
On Angela:  Dress, Handmade + Target // Sweater, Target // Belt, Forever 21 // Indian necklace + ring, Way Out West // Oxfords, Wanted
On Meghan: Dress, Handmade + Target // Glasses, Coastal.com // Sweater, Target // Belt, Ross // Owl necklace, birthday gift // Sandals, Walmart (a few years ago)

 and because it's that much more fun taking jumping pictures with an 8 year old....
Of any DIY or craft I've done because I saw it on a blog, or pinterest, this has been by far my favorite! It's something I can use and wear for a very long time, and it's completely unique! Next up on our list is studded shorts, be on the look out for those! Also, I just wanted to throw this out there...in these pictures it was pushing 90 degrees. In April. Today it's like 40 degrees. Is anyone else having weird weather changes? I'm hoping it doesn't last, because I put any sign of warmer clothes away 2 months ago! I hope you have the happiest of Saturdays! xo, Meghan + Angela


  1. i need to make a dachshund dress, too! these turned out wonderfully!!!!!

  2. They turned out so cute! I'm so inspired by these. And I love the animal choices. The riding boots are perfect, too!


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