April 06, 2012

This Week:

-Made my very first dress!!!! (this deserves a post all on it's own.)
-Enjoyed some time with my mama, doing girly things like getting our eyebrows waxed and shopping for wedding stuff.
-Really enjoyed my bible study class on Esther.
-Started watching Mad Men. I'm addicted.
-Discovered that putting Dakota's hair in a pony tail is both equally adorable and sad. My little girl is growing up!
-Took a mini road trip with my neighbor and our kiddos to buy some wedding stuff. It was so fun!
-Finally finished my bridesmaids boxes, now to find the time to ask them!

I am looking forward to this weekend. Easter is such a fun time, but also super important in this house. We don't ever want to loose sight of what Easter really means to us. Tonight we are making burgers on the grill. Yum! xo, Meghan

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