May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Scrapbook DIY!

Mother's Day has always been fun + special, and since becoming a Mother it's only meant more to me. This year I had plans to do this DIY from A Beautiful Mess. I bought all the supplies, printed 100 Instagram photos (at .50 cents a piece--yikes!) and it didn't cross my mind that I might not be able to find the binding adhesive. I was walking around Hobby Lobby on the verge of tears not knowing what I was going to do. I somehow wandered to the scrapbook isle and found two cute 6 x 6 printed/fabric scrapbooks, for 40% off! And idea was born!
*The screwdriver and rotary cutter are optional. I used the screwdriver to take the screws out of the book and add more pages (my book only came with 20) The rotary cutter makes it easier to cut the pages on a grided mat and is more steady than a hand and scissors. 

Steps: 1. Collect scrapbook pages in coordinating colors + designs. Since these are for our Moms, I went with a pink/green/beige pallet in dainty patterns, pretty floral prints and Victorian designs. 2. Cut your pages down to the size of your scrapbook page inserts. And easy way to do this is just take out the white liner inside and use that as a guide. While you're at it, go ahead and take out all of the white liners! You don't need them. (This would be a great thing for your fella to do! I had Bean take all of ours out) 3. Arrange your scrapbook pages in whatever way you prefer and start sliding them in the book! 4. After you've got your pages the way you want them, add your pictures! One piece of double-sided tape will be plenty for the plain pages. If you get glittery pages (like I did) you'll need a few pieces of tape to make it stick. 5. Be sure to add touches of you + your family! For Each Mom's book I used some washi tape along the pictures edges. I added little lists of our favorite things about them from my Smash Pads. I doodled frames around some of the pictures, and I wrote some remarks and inside jokes on some of them.
I am so happy with how these turned out, and I'm already anticipating making another! I think this would be the perfect graduation gift too! (I'll go browse my cousin's instagram for pictures, since he's graduating in a few weeks!) Handmade presents mean so much more, especially ones with sentimental pieces like pictures of our little family over the past two years.

What have you made/gotten for your Mama for mothers day? I'd love to see! xo, Meghan

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