May 31, 2012

What we Wore: Candy Stripers + Cherries

I'm surprised that we even made these pictures happen! For starters, everyone was sick. Angela was nauseous, my voice was gone, and Dakota had a small reoccurring bout of her nasty bug. (I'm talking throwing up and diarrhea everywhere, y'all) My camera wasn't working properly, and it was HOT. By far, though, the fact that we went on a little trip to Gainesville the night before to see Lucero play and then got towed at 2 in the morning takes the cake for reasons why we shouldn't have taken these pictures! We got home around 5 A.M., and had to be up by 9 to make it to our churches on time. Saying we were beat is an understatement! 

We made it out their, with my silly voice, her sick tummy, and sweaty brows, but we made it. I couldn't miss the opportunity to take pictures of this dress that I made one night while Bean was out of town! This is actually the third dress I've made, and the best so far! Something about it I just love. I made two of the three dresses while Bean was out of town (crazy what I can do with a little determination, a Harry Potter marathon, and no distractions!) but this one is my favorite of the two. I thrifted this sheet on Friday and by Friday night it was washed, cut, pinned and ready to be transformed! It's easily one of my favorite dresses I own now!
On Meghan
Dress, Handmade
Jean Jacket, Gap Kids
Sandals, thrifted
"S" Necklace, Forever 21
Clock Necklace, Target

On Angela
Dress w/belt, Forever 21
Sandals, Forever 21
Owl Necklace, Forever 21
"A" Bracelet, Kohls

I had plans to post these on Monday, but a certain little girl did something to my computer. The color was totally off, think orange limbs + faces. Not cool. Bean fixed it last night though, so glad! xo, Meghan + Angela 

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  1. I love these outfits! I am going to link up to them in my next outfits I Love post! :3


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