May 25, 2012

This Week I:

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-watched Bean drive away for five, FIVE, days. He's going camping with the guys in the family in northern Georgia. I know he's going to have great time, but sure will miss him!

-Closed the book on my very first bible study. Angela, myself, and a group of girls have been doing the Beth Moore Esther study for 9 weeks now, and we celebrated finishing by having a feast of our very own! Everyone brought something decadent, and we all chatted over dinner, and then cupcakes. It was so much fun and I am so blessed to have such a great group of girls in my life. I'm very excited to be starting the James study in two weeks with the same group. Nothing like growing stronger in the word with a bunch of lovely ladies!

-Did a lot of sewing! I made my very first crop top! I'm still not sure how it ended up being cropped, I measured it to full size. I also made a cute little orange gingham dress! And Saturday night I made Dakota and I both matching skirts. The first of many more to come I hope!

-Began a Harry Potter marathon. Bean is away, and doesn't really care for them anyway. Need I say more?

-Experienced Dakota's first every stomach bug + urgent care visit. This girl is normally pretty strong, and if she gets sick, it's usually congestion type and she never lets it hold her back! Well, Tuesday we were at the grocery store and she started crying randomly. Like serious crying, not whining type. As we were unloading the buggy into the car she said "tummy hurts, hurts" so I went to pick her up and before I could she projectile vomited all over me. My bare, shorts wearing leg. Then she proceeded to do it 3 more times before finally stopping. It scared me to death so I called Bean and he said just keep an eye on her and take her in if it gets worse. Well, it didn't get worse. She seemed back to her old self within a matter of minutes! So I figured something she ate upset her tummy and after her episode she felt better. *This is the same night I went to a dinner party for bible study* Bean and her were hanging out while I was at my dinner party. Well I got home at 8:45 and they were not home. Begin panic mode. It didn't help matters that Beans phone had died and I couldn't get in contact with him. I felt like something was wrong, so I sat outside on the steps for almost an hour. Bean finally pulls up at 9:30 and jumps out saying "I'm so sorry." You can imagine my terror. Turns out they were shopping for things for the camping trip and she started to vomit again. A total of 8 times if you want to know how much. He had to take her to urgent care because she was completely dehydrated. Two hours later, a shot of something to keep her food down, and a Gatorade they were on their way home to me. She only threw up one more time after that and now she's back to her happy go-lucky self! Hope that NEVER happens again. Although I'm sure it will.

What have you been up to this week? Tomorrow Angela and I are heading to Gainesville to see Lucero. We're pretty excited! Happy weekend to you! xo, Meghan


  1. Kid so cute!! And you have so many lovely outfits. Makes me envy!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a scary time with Dakota = I would have freaked! Ellie's only had a stomach bug once and it was just as scary. It broke my heart because she acted so confused! I'm glad she's doing better...
    I love that picture of you two in target. :) <3


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