May 15, 2012

What we Wore: Navy + Lace

On Meghan:
Dress, Forever 21
Deer Necklace + Owl Ring, Country Dollar
Sandals, Gap
Polish, Ole Caliente

Taking outfit photos together is something we both really enjoy + really we only get to do it once a week: on Sundays. So we spend time thinking of where we want to take them, how we want them to look, and so on. Like I said we really enjoy it, so we put time into it! Well this week we wanted to try and take pictures somewhere we hadn't ever taken pictures before. Angela remembered she had a friend in high school who's grandparents lived right down the street from her mom, in Lloyd. We drove down the street and trudged through some overgrown bushes, grass and lots (I mean I was near panic mode from the amount) of spider webs to snap some pictures on this porch.

Sad, but crucial part to this story, both of the grandparents passed away probably close to 8 years ago. As we were taking pictures + watching our steps -both because the porch was collapsing on one side, and because of the amount of webs and nests- Angela noticed that the windows had pretty lace curtains hanging in them. We opened the screen door to peek in the window and and we were surprised to find that all of their stuff was still in the house. We tried to open the front door but it was locked. So we went around back, to find that the door was wide open, the floor was almost non existent, and everything was still in it's place throughout the whole house. We  carefully tiptoed through the porch to the kitchen and we both were immediately heart-broken. Their entire kitchen was intact. Adorable tin cans + soup bowls lined the open shelves. Their dining room table was scattered with jars, boxes, papers, and life. It was clear someone had broken in and tried to take whatever was of  value, but really they left everything that was of any value, just the pretty treasures of their everyday life. We didn't go too far into the house, because we obviously weren't dressed to go exploring + the house was really dark. We did go far enough in to notice that each room had different lace curtains, and that someone had written 'I love you' and stuck it on the door frame. So sweet + sad.

On Angela:
Navy Top + Lace Shorts, Tj Maxx
Wedges, Steve Madden via Ross
Deer Necklace, Country Dollar
Owl Ring, Forever 21
Shellac Polish, Bella's Vampire

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday! xo, Meghan

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  1. gorgeous outfits!! i love the blue and lace combination :)


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