May 18, 2012

This Week I:

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-Celebrated my 3rd Mothers Day! -Bean showered me with Mothers Day presents and breakfast when I was still pregnant, and it's been the same every year since. This year Dakota painted me a cute box and filled it with a lot of goodies. New CDs, cute fabric, and movies! I'm spoiled. 

-Ate lunch almost everyday this week. This is something I'm trying to get used to. I am very bad about drinking coffee throughout the day and not eating anything until dinner. I've been working really hard (this past month) to loose "a few pounds" before the wedding. And after working so hard between running + belling and even the gym and loosing nothing, and feeling really exhausted, I decided I should try to start eating some meals. I'm hoping this helps!

-Had some of Beans friends (and groomsman) over yesterday! We chatted about wedding stuff, tried on wedding clothes, and caught up. They don't come around nearly as much as we'd like, so it was nice to hand out. Dakota didn't recognize either one of them, and was a little shy. Of course, as soon as they left she was saying their names and saying bye bye!

-Went thrifitng at one of my favorite spots! They had so many pretty pre-70s clothes, but almost every single one of them had some yellow stain, or blood spots. I did sneak away with a few gems, and a adorable little shirt for Dakota. My favorite thing about this place is they sell you clothes by the pound, and each pound is like less than 2 dollars. If you go on the right days, you can make out like a bandit. 

-Went grocery shopping....without a list. So naturally, I came home with 20 bags of food, and only half of it was useable. I don't like going without making a list of what we plan on eating for the week. So I have to make another trip to the grocery store to get all of the things I forgot the first time! 

-Went on an adventure with Angela on Sunday and I'm convinced I have poison ivy. I've never had it before, but Bean has it right now too...from working in his moms yard. Mine doesn't itch, bother me, and is hardly noticeable. That's why I'm so worried about it, because it looks nothing at all like Beans, and doesn't feel like they say poison ivy should look. I think I should go to the doctor! 

Today Dakota and I are meeting my mom and Bean's mama at the flower shop. I'm so excited to pick out flowers for the wedding! Tonight we're making nachos and taking a trip to Madison to get Bean's sleeping bag. He's going camping next weekend! What are you up to today?! xo. 

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