June 03, 2012

This Week I:

-Started the 3rd annual 30 Day Journal Challenge hosted by my sweet friend Janel! I always get excited about starting it because it's not only a creative outlet, but to me it means that summer is here! If you've never herd of it, or tried it, check it out. You won't regret it!

-Found out that my wedding dress is READY!! She sent me pictures of my finished dress and I am so so excited to get it. It's everything I hoped it would be. Very happy! It's getting real around here, folks.

-Welcomed Bean home from his camping trip, only to both be taken by sickness! Dakota thankfully didn't get sick again, but everyone else in the family did.

-Made two little girls dresses. Eeep! I am so beyond excited about this! Making clothes in littles sizes is so fun. I've had several people ask me if I plan on selling these dresses, maybe I should start considering it. Hmmm.

-Had a backyard birthday party for our neighbors little girl/Dakota's friend, Thia. She turned two! She had a pool party and gabba themed decorations. Dakota was in love!

-The very last guy we were pulling for to cater the wedding backed out. We are so at a loss. We saw him at first Friday in his adorable silver bullet trailer, and the food smelled so good. Whomp. Hers to hoping we can find someone in less 3 months!

Hope your weekend was just lovely! xo.

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  1. You look soooo gorgeous... ALL THE TIME!!



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