June 07, 2012

Happiness comes in leaps in bounds

Today was supposed to be easy going and fun. Dakota and I had no set plans today so I planned to sleep as late as she did, then get up and fix a big pot of coffee for me (some mini pancakes + juice for her) and head to our secret little thrift spot. Well we did get to sleep in, until 9:38 to be exact!, but when we got up my mom called needing our help at work because she needed to be somewhere by a certain time. I didn't mind helping, and she always pays me really well, so Dakota and I packed up and went to help. By the time we were done it was time for Dakotas nap, so we couldn't really thrift then either and I told myself we would after she woke up.  While she was not napping for over an hour in her room I went from perfectly fine to having an awful headache within what seemed like 15 minutes. (I think it was because my bun was too tight, ha.) So when I finally realized Dakota wasn't napping today, I got her out of the crib and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching Yo Gabba Gabba because my head hurt way to bad to do anything else, and we didn't have any medicine, anywhere. I texted Angela and begged her to bring me some when she got off. She did, just like she always does anytime I ask something of her, and by the time Bean got off of work I was feeling quite a bit better. 

We had plans to go to Food Truck Thursday in hopes of finding someone to cater our wedding. The top three people we wanted to do it for us ended up already being booked on that date, or just being too shady to ever give me a call back. Our menu plan was fair foods: corn dogs, corn on the cob (fair style, because that's my favorite!), and friend pickles. Turns out it's harder than you think to make these things, and even if someone can make them, they don't really want to do it! We did get to go the food trucks, but when we got there we felt totally out of place.  We browsed around and none of them had what we were looking for, and then we saw it. A pizza food truck with an ACTUAL brick oven inside of it. Fire and logs and all. Amazing right? I quickly ran up and asked them if they did weddings, and they did!! I got their card and didn't even think to get a pizza to make sure it was good before we booked with them. Bean luckily thought of it, and ordered a sausage pizza. Talk about good, Dakota ate all of it before he even could! I went back and ordered a pepperoni, and we devoured it too. Best part of it all, aside from the working brick oven of course, was that they only do personal pizzas. This seems so ingenious to me for weddings. Each person can order whatever pizza they want and choose from a selection of toppings. Oh, and each pizza is ready in 7 minutes! I am so excited about this! I am a little bummed about not having "fair foods," but I'm pretty sure by this weekend I'll be over it. Besides, they sell pizza at the fair anyway, don't they? ;)

To top the night off, Bean went running with me! Can I just tell you how happy this makes me? Angela and I were supposed to go, but our times didn't match up. Bean didn't want me going alone, so he came with while Jared stayed here with Dakota. We just got back and we're about to devour the cupcakes we got from Lucy and Leo's Cupcakes, a local place in town. They have the cutest shop, and an even more cute trailer.  Bean got carrot cake and I got Classic!

Tomorrow is going to be great too, because I'm meeting with a friend (the leader of the bible study that I've been attending) so she can shellac my nails. She's been raving about it and I'm excited to try it! I'm also picking up some frozen yogurt as a treat! Turns out we both love the Taro with strawberries on top. Yum! I'm really happy with how today played out, and even more happy that we finally have a caterer! xxo, Meghan

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