June 22, 2012

This Week I:

-Celebrated Bean's third Father's Day. We don't need a special day each year to tell him how much we love him, because we tell him every chance we get, but it's fun to wake up and make breakfast for him and shower him with little presents and kisses all day!

-Took Dakota for her very first ice cream cone! There's a place here that's local called Lofty Pursuits, and boy are they yummy! I'm sad to say that we've only ever been there once before. This particular day though, we were in no hurry, so we browsed the 4+ pages of ice creamy/milkshake-y/sundae goodness. Did I mention it's all made there, in their shop? Amazing! And if that isn't enough, they make their own candy! Dakota was fascinated watching two guys making lolly pops, by hand. Completely. The icing on the cone was that they let us taste them! They were still warm and so yummy! Added bonus: all the workers were wearing red bowties

-Ate a lot of Mexican food. It's my favorite and I can't get enough.

-Mailed out our wedding invitations!! I cannot wait to get them back! It's a little over two months away, craziness. PS, I plan on sharing a peek of them very soon!

-Am having the hardest time decided what to do about wedding flowers. Originally we were going to go to a florist, but when we saw the quote just for centerpieces (in tin cans we've collected and brought to them!) we were outraged and tried to look elsewhere. I really like the idea of ordering from Fifty Flowers, but I'm terrified of placing the order. A) Because even though we are saving about 500 dollars by ordering from them and not using a florist, it's still quite a big chunk of change to shell out, and B) How do I know I'm ordering the right about of each flower? Yikes! 50 stems of this flower, 100 of this color, 20 bunches of this, and a filler pack? Anyone with floral knowledge is welcome to lend their expertise to me!

-*we have been hanging out at at my moms a lot. It's the college world series, and Bean has been desperately watching FSU in hopes that they'd finally make it to the championship this year. Sadly, the way they played last night didn't award them that privilege.

Hope you all have a happy Friday! xo, Meghan

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