February 25, 2013


When I was a kid
I wanted to serenade
to sing with my lungs

It's a true story. I was convinced I could be a singer. Heck, even now I sometimes pray I'll wake up with a voice like liquid gold. But each day I wake up with the same stiff lump in my throat. To most I probably sound like nails on a chalkboard. Some things you're gifted with, some you aren't. I'm still a little bummed I wasn't blessed with a voice meant for singing. As a child though, I didn't think my voice actually mattered. I'd tell anyone and everyone that if I couldn't make it as a singer, well, I'd just be a lip-sync-er. Me and my friends would put on Shakira, Shakira  and Brittney Spears and dance/sing our little hearts out. 

Once I knew I wouldn't make it through on an episode of Idol to Hollywood, my gears shifted. I started playing guitar when I was put in guitar class in high school. My 9th grade year I was convinced I'd be the next Kurt Cobain. (I was in very transitional stage freshman year!) Are we seeing a theme here? I took guitar throughout my entire high school career and then quit playing. I honestly don't remember much. I played and passed a proficiency and then never retained any of it. I picked up my guitar for the first time in months, last week, and was surprised to find that I couldn't remember Blackbird. The one and only song I learned in it's entirety. I plucked and strummed and eventually figured it out, but it upset me that something I really enjoined  I never took the time to develop. So here's my very public deceleration: I will not let me novice nor my laziness get in the way of me playing the guitar again! Nirvana cover band coming to you live, 2014. ;)  


  1. That's so awesome! I actually would love to pick up my guitar again. I, like you, took lessons in high school and then just left it by the wayside.
    Wah... If only I could find the time :(

  2. I feel like I wrote this! I actually made it one of my goals this year to pick up guitar again and learn 5 songs. Might be a little hard to accomplish, but I'm going to try!! Good luck to you!


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