February 22, 2013


Sometimes it rains all day long. And you knew it was going to rain, so you put on the outfit you were planning to wear on this rainy day on a day ahead of schedule just so you can snap a photo or two of it. And sometimes you'd rather take photos of all the pieces individually lying on the floor and make it into a vine video than take pictures of the outfit on. No? Sometimes you don't do that? That's just me? Well then! I'm particularly fond of this little get up because it will go down in history as the first time I tried that thing where you wear a fancy shirt with a pretty collar under a tee shirt. I don't know what took me so long, but I'm on board now.

I'd like to go on record saying that those ginormous bags under my eyes? Don't pretend like you didn't see them! I'm going to blame the NyQuil for that. It's almost impossible to sleep at night (without coughing throughout the whole night) without it. But man it sure does leave me tired in the morning.


  1. Love the outfit! I am in england and my daily outfits consist of as many jumpers as possible, coat, gloves, scarf, hat, earmuffs! Its impossible to do any nice "what i wore posts". You look super cute x

  2. I love this outfit! It's comfy yet stylish for sure. I, like you, have never done the collar thing but I think I've just gotten some inspiration from you! :)
    Just found you.. and will be sure to stick around.

  3. You always wear the cutest outfits!


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