March 12, 2013


Sisters are great aren't they? If you don't have a sister, don't count yourself out! I always wanted one growing up. Like, for years I kind of maybe even shunned my baby brother because I wanted a sister instead. Lucky for me, I happened to marry a man with a sister. And my luck would have it that we can not only pass for sisters in real life, we actually feel like sisters! Dreams do come true! My point of telling you all of this is that sisters are great for many countless reasons! One of which being, you get to borrow and swap clothes. When I came home to a pile of new to me pretties to borrow, I might have squealed a little bit. This skirt was in that pile. So I applaud you sister. Thanks for having such style that I not only want to borrow your clothes, but maybe even never.give.them.back. Just kidding. Maybe. ♥

I just thought I'd show you a few behind the scenes pictures when it comes to my husband taking my outfit photos. He does it for me, always, but bless him...he'd rather be doing almost anything else. I'm quite picky and naggy when it comes to taking these pictures I suppose. This is a typical progression of me wanting to be done. And when that doesn't work....I pull out this pose. If you quit commenting and I loose followers, I will know exactly what to blame. ;)


  1. your skirt is adorable! i also love the amount of colored tights that you wear. and yes, sisters are wonderful! i have a younger sister, and we are constantly swapping clothing too.

    lindsey louise

  2. such an awesome skirt! i always wish i had a sister for lots of reasons...but swapping clothes sure would be great, too! your outtakes are so cute.

  3. That skirt is so stinking cute! And btw, your tattoos are so nicely done!


    p.s. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog!

  4. Love this outfit and I totally agree sisters are pretty awesome. My sister is teeny tiny so we can't ever share clothes but no big deal because when I need her she's there!
    Pssst.. you shouldn't give the skirt back. It's super cute!

  5. sisters are the best!
    I have one, who moved far away with half my favorite clothing items (hers to begin with). then, room mates. again, got married and taken half my clothes along with them. then I married my best friend, and took his four sisters to be mine forever! life really does work out wonderfully.

  6. That skirt is so pretty! You look lovely xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. I have always wanted a sister and unfortunately my husband doesn't have any either :-( But I love your story and hope I one-day find my sister soul mate too!


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