March 19, 2013


This weekend Angela and I took our second annual birthday road-trip. You can see last years trip here. We like to go because they have so many shops in Jacksonville that we don't have. Anthro, Urban Outfitters, H+M. You name it, we probably don't have it. So we've been calling this our birthday beach trip, and have decided it must be an annual thing. We try to go in between our birthdays since they are 2 weeks apart, and we always have the best time. This Saturday was nothing short of amazing! The weather was glorious, and the cheesecake was too. We had mango lime cheesecake with coconut crust from The Cheesecake Factory, because I had never been. We did some shopping, and then took some extra special outfit pictures at the beach. (can't wait to share!) Were I was wearing shorts, without tights! This makes me so happy. It was 82 and sunny all day long. We did more shopping after the beach and even though we didn't make it home until well after midnight, it was so worth it! I'll be saving all my pennies in anticipation for next years trip. Or, maybe a half birthday trip? ;)


  1. How fun! Can't wait to see the pictures. Everyone needs some time away especially a shopping trip!

  2. I just joined bloglovin, and wanted to let you know that your blog comes up with an october post :(

  3. oh man! so cute. I want to start a fun tradition like this :)


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