April 02, 2012

A Day at the Beach!

Two weeks ago Angela and I took a trip to the coast to celebrate both of our birthdays. It was originally supposed to be a group trip, but with both of our fellas working, we decided to go on without them. We went to Jacksonville for two reasons: they have a pretty beach, and they have a ton of stores we don't have here in town. (read: UO, massive Forever 21s, Cotton On, Betsey Johnson)  The entire way to the beach it rained, but as soon as we got to Jacksonville it quit raining! We spent half of the day at the beach. Laughing, spamming Instagram (@ahoynative @teacheresque), eating lunchables, playing lots of draw something, dipping our toes in the freezing cold water, and taking a ton of pictures! Oh and there was also a pug siting, so that made the day even more great! I only brought film cameras with me on the beach, These are my favorites: 

We took trip to an outside mall, with an Urban Outfitters, where we both unknowingly picked out the same dress (in different colors) to buy. We hit up the biggest Forever 21 our small town eyes had ever seen. We grabbed some soft pretzels on the way out, but not before stopping in the photobooth to make memories! We ended the day with a singalong, on the way home in the pouring rain, fistin' all the crazy people without lights on. It was the perfect day for best friends! I'm so lucky to have her, and I can't wait to do it again! I still have a roll of 35mm from Bean's fisheye camera to develop from that day, I'm excited to see what is on it. xo, Meghan

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  1. These are the sweetest photos!
    Sounds like such a great day, the beach and shopping is perfect!
    Amy xo


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