April 27, 2013


Dakota, my sweet sweet baby girl. You are exactly that, a sweet girl. You are growing into such a little girl, no more a baby. In a few months you'll be 3 years old and I find myself asking where time has gone so often. I always thought it was such a cliche to say that, but it really is true. I love you more and more each day, and even though I am far from perfect, I am so thankful and blessed to have the gift of being your mama. Here are 10 things you do right now that I love, and do not want to forget.

1. The way you say "Oh no! I never find my daddy" as soon as you wake up in the morning, and daddy has already left for work
2. How you shelter the smaller kids in nursery during church, and walk around with them holding hands.
3.The fact that you love to ride your bike, and your dad and I both laugh because you look too small to be riding a bike. We joke that you should be in the circus as "The Worlds Smallest Baby Riding A Bike in a Bowtie!"
4.The way you call everyone you've ever met by their name, and if you don't know them you call them "a friend." You have never met a person that you don't call "a friend."
5. That you love to fish, play in the dirt, and be outside, but hate any and all bugs. You call all bugs you see "spiders"
6. You still let me, and want me to, "baby loaf" you every night before bed.  I cradle you in my arms and sway from side to side singing "baby loafy, baby loafy."
7. Your impressive, excellent memory! You don't forget anything!
8. When you get in trouble, and then look at me and say "I'm sorry mommy, I not scared you."
9. The fact that you and your daddy are like twins. Each day, my love for both of your adorable faces grows stronger and stronger.
10. When I say I love you, and you respond with "I love you more."

You make me a better person.


  1. This is such a sweet post I love it!!

  2. This filled me with so much lovel Meghan. I adored every word... This is why you have had a blog post done about you. You make my heart sing. love to you and your family. xxx Hannah

  3. Melted!! You and your daughter are both so gorgeous.


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