April 30, 2013


I cannot get enough of white/off-white/lace dresses. I counted, just for this post, and I have 7 currently residing in my closet. Including this beautiful one my mother in law got me for my birthday! It has everything I love in a dress: movement for all the silly dances I like to do, pretty lace details, a brown belt (I firmly believe that any dress can be made better by adding a brown belt, yes, even a black dress!), and buttons up the back. I love a good collar as much as the next girl, but I'm a sucker for a dress that has any pretty back details. And you know what? Even though I have 7 dresses so similar, I find myself searching them out in stores. Looking for the familiar feel of lace across my finger tips as I push clothes past one by one on the rack. I cannot be stopped, and I don't really want to be anyway.


  1. I love your dress! Your tattoo is so awesome too. You have such wonderful style. xx. Mckenna Lou

  2. You are seriously such a stunner! That dress is perfect on you!

  3. loveeee this dress too! gosh i love your style, awesome blog! and i totally love the name, so cute!

  4. Very pretty white dress, I really like the collar.


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