May 02, 2013

April seemed to be a good month for a lot of people, but I am glad to say goodbye! Even though it seemed to go by super fast, it wasn't my favorite. I kind of slacked big time on taking pictures this month. Because it was such a hard month, I didn't find myself reaching for my phone to capture little moments as much as I would have liked. This month will be different! Even if life is hard, or I am feeling uninspired I will make a point to capture beautiful things.


  1. your little girl is just adorable!!

  2. You are so stinkin adorable! I love all of these pictures. your style is wonderful and you have such a beautiful family. xx. McKenna Lou

  3. Aw, I like the pictures and I hope May is better for you! Real Simple is the beeesssttt! <3


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