June 24, 2013


When Angela and I drove around downtown looking for a place to take pictures, we stopped at this brick wall because we thought it looked purple. When we parked and got out we found out that it's a part of a parking garage and the top is a tiny little rooftop garden place. There is a big industrial statue, flowers and pick nick tables. It's probably the most metropolitan thing our little town has, ha! 

Through these pictures it's become apparent to me that I really need to get a new pair of these shoes! My feet are very hard on shoes, and this poor pair didn't escape their fate. Also, my love for stripes will never ever dissipate. And paired with gold tones and a twirly skirt just makes my love for them even stronger! 
top, forever 21 // skirt, c/o Oasap // necklace, c/o Oasap // shoes, target


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