June 18, 2013


You guys, I have been crushing hard lately on orange. Orange lipstick, orange nail polish, orange dresses and shoes, of course not all at the same time though! I never really considered myself an orange gal until recently. In fact, I remember my grandma wearing orange orange lipstick and thinking it was the strangest thing. Boy am I regretting that now! It's fun to fall in love with something you never thought would, and add it to your mental list of things to look for when shopping. On a totally unrelated note, Stephen accidentally broke my glasses last week, and this is my back up pair. I do not like the way they sit on my face at all, and I am counting down the days until my new pair comes! What colors are you crushing on lately? 


  1. I think your back up glasses look lovely on you! The dress suits you so well too!

  2. Cute outfit! I love how simple and summery this look is. Perfection! xx. McKenna Lou
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  3. cutest, cutest colors in this outfit! this makes me want some orange sherbet :)

    lindsey louise


  4. That first photo is amazing. I'm not really a fan of orange, but this dress is just perfect! Anything with bows wins me over ♥

  5. Loving the orange M. I think the colour I crush over the most has to be cream. A lot of my dresses are this colour. I try going for different colours but I always end up with cream. I have to face facts I'm addicted.


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