July 20, 2013


Have I ever told you guys about how I am an organized procrastinator? No? Well, there you go. My name is Meghan and I'm the worst organized procrastinator. This means that I will plan out every detail, to a tee weeks and possibly months before said thing has to be done. But when it comes to actually executing the list? Well, you'll probably find me somewhere in a tiny ball  in dark corner working away at one o'clock in the morning the day of whatever it is that needs to be done. I don't know why I am this way, but I am. (I think it's because I do my best work under pressure) Hello 3rd place History Fair winner! 

If all of this sounds redundant, well it's about to get even more so, because I've done it again! I have waited a week and a half before the date to plan Dakota's 3rd birthday party. In my defense, I was planning a rather lovely baby shower (if I do say so myself!) and Dakota's birthday party is 11 days before her actual birthday. So...One other thing you should know about me is that I l.o.v.e themes. They are my jam. I only came up with one this past Sunday, so.... In my true organized nature, I made this little board to show everything I will (want) to get accomplished, and what they party will (I hope) look like! The party is this Saturday, so if I'm absent the next few days, you know why! ha!

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  1. Oh, MAN, I am exactly the same way. I have an ongoing to-do list on my phone, and, I hate to admit it, but some of the (very detailed) items on the list have been there for over 6 months! I like to think I work best "under pressure," too. I bet you will end up accomplishing all that you need to in time for the party. Good luck! The plan looks absolutely adorable! :)


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