July 17, 2013


Wow! Long time no blog. Took a little bit of a break there, I suppose. Didn't mean to do that! Today I'm back with an outfit that I wore to what has been taking up so much of my time lately: Angela's Baby Shower. It was totally worth all the time put into it, and we had such a great time. I'll share more on that later, but for now, lets talk about this dress! SO glad I found it on sale at Urban Outfitters. It was just exactly what I was looking for, and I cannot wait to wear it again on a date night with some heeled booties. It has the prettiest details and backing. You know how I feel about the back of my dresses! Onto the next order of business, I chopped off like 4 inches of hair this past Thursday! Yikes! I was having some major anxiety about it, but I am so glad I did it now. It feels so much lighter, and healthier. Alexa Chung and Sara were my hair inspirations.  I really like it!
I'll be back soon to play catch up for the 10-ish days I was absent! Until then, happy day!


  1. I love that dress! The color is so pretty and the lace details are perfect. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. Gosh,you look beautiful darling! x

  3. Your haircut looks awesome on you. This dress is fabulous!

  4. love the dress! everything about it is so perfect!


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