July 03, 2013


When I get something in my mind, that's pretty much it. I'm going to do it/make it happen, to the best of my ability. Sometime a few weeks ago, I got it in my head that I needed a golden arm cuff. A gypsy cuff if you will. I wanted one instantly (which is the way I feel about most things, ha!) so I just had Stephen cut a gold bangle so that I could stretch it to go around my arm. I have worn it constantly for the past week. In love. I'd had this dress sitting in my closet waiting and begging to be worn, and I knew the gold cuff had to go along with it. The back has a pretty button detail, with gold trim. So these two were the perfect pair, in total harmony. And, I really like it when my outfits are in harmony! 
dress, c/o August Wrinkle // sandals, necklace + ring, f21


  1. i am completely in love with that dress here. the gold cuff does look great with this piece!

    lindsey louise


  2. This dress is gorgeous! I love these photos too :)


  3. Beautiful dress! And very clever with the gold arm cuff ;)

  4. I know the feeling of having an idea or thought and having to carry it out right away..I love your new arm cuff!



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