August 02, 2013


This month was jammed packed with amazing things! We hosted our 3rd annual 4th of July cookout. (which I didn't blog about.) We crammed 20 something people into our < 800 sq.ft apartment because if you haven't heard, Florida is now the most wet place in the U.S. Seems like it anyway, and it poured the 4th. We watched fireworks the weekend after the 4th because of all the rain, and I forgot to share my pictures of that! I hosted a baby shower for my favorite person ever, Angela. (and haven't blogged about that either, YET.) Then we celebrated Dakota's birthday a few weeks early with a bakery themed party! (it just happened last weekend, so no, I haven't blogged about that either. ha)

I feel like I suck at blogging about events and things we do, but really it's not that at all. It's that I'm so busy having so much fun with my family that I sometimes forget to pick up any camera besides my phone. It's convenient, and sure, I wish I was more thoughtful about using my real camera but I don't want to be only enjoying the party behind the lens. You know? I actually do happen to have pictures of all of this that I just haven't shared yet, so....I will get to work on that immediately. 

Happy Friday! 

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