August 04, 2013


Today we are Georgia bound, and I am SO excited! Stephen and I have gone annually to Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium for the past 3 years and I always look forward to it. We normally go in the Fall for Stephen's birthday, but this year we decided it was finally time to take Dakota, and with her birthday being this week it just seemed like the perfect time. She's been talking about it for weeks now saying "I'm gonna see Dory, and Nemo, and Marlin and Squirt!" My favorite thing is when she does "a seal." I can't wait to see the look on her face when we finally get there! 

This is going to be a super quick trip (going up Sunday, and coming home Monday) but don't think I won't find time to stop into all the stores we don't have here. Most importantly, IKEA. This will be my second time and even though we are only going to get Dakota a new dresser, I'm sure I will find something amazing I just can't leave without (read: sheepskin rug)

Au Revoir!

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  1. I love trips that become tradition. Enjoy the aquarium!!


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