August 31, 2011

Gym, Eat, Craft, Repeat

*us getting psyched for the gym*

I'm so excited because my gym is giving me the upgraded card treatment and I'm allowed to invite a guest for the next 3 days! I have no idea why, but I'm jumping at the chance because I've always wanted Bean to go with me.

We normally go to Bean's dads for dinner every Wednesday and then visit at his moms for a bit, but tonight was the only night we could fit the gym in both of our schedules. So we set up a little spend the night party at Gigi's, (my mom) and they came to get her right after my brother was done being in a commercial! It's for a local karate school that he went to for a bit and they liked him so much they asked him to be in a commercial so of course he said yes! Go Noah! 

Anyway, since Dakota is staying at my moms, after we work hard at the gym (as hard as I can, because yesterday I broke my toe!) were going to bring home El Jalisco, a Mexican restruant, or pizza and watch this movie my mom gave us called The Fifth Quarter. It's a football movie and Bean loves those, so while were watching that (him more than me) I'll be crafting!

On a Deliciously Sew note, were trying to finish editing all our photos so we can send them to KaelahBee and the Honeybean and hopefully she will want to sell our stuff in her mobile shoppe! 

xo Meghan

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