August 29, 2011

Sunday Funday, on a Monday

This little scripture has been heavy on my heart the last few days, and I just thought I'd share. Praise Jesus for never giving up on me! And that typography is just so pretty, love.

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday because I was so busy snapping photos for Deliciously Sew! Angela and myself spent a good chunk of the afternoon into the evening taking photos and ordering packaging supplies etc. We played with a lot of props and different scenes and I can't wait to show you! We even created our business paypal, although that was quite the ordeal. All we need to do now is decided where we will set up shop! (facebook, try and sell local, etsy, all of the above, etc.) Everything is coming together and we both couldn't be more excited!

*how cute is she running away with our basket?*

xo Meghan

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