August 25, 2011

I got to say, today was a good day

Today was such a heart-fulfilling day! I had originally planned to post a proper introduction, but I'm sure that will just have to wait until tomorrow!

Dakota and myself spent the day with my mama, and as soon as Bean came home from work we were on the road to my sisters new school. They were looking for someone to watch the kiddos after school so I applied. It's only for two hours a day, and I think it would give Bean and Dakota a little extra time together. There is a park seriously adjacent to the school so they'd probably spend their time there.

Anyway, back to the best day! After we applied, we got to see Angela's new classroom! We had a trip to target which is probably my favorite place ever! It's so fun just to walk around and browse. In the heat of my browsing, I found the cutest coat in the kids section. And do you know what's nice about the kids section? It's cheaper!

After I had to be dragged out of target kicking and screaming, we made our way to our local Borders. I feel sad frequenting it so much lately because of the low (no, I really mean low; like 50-70% off low) prices, but it really is such a great deal. I balance all the bad feelings out by telling myself that I went there and was a loyal customer before they were closing and that I'm adding to our ever growing library collection! I remembered that we were out of milk for Dakota so I picked up some and a yummy avocado to add to our plan of quesidillas tonight, and boy were they yummy! I just got back from an hour long bike ride with my BFF/sister Angela. It was super fun riding around town, and getting our workout in a fun way. We've already ridden twice this week, and I hope to get in at least one more time. Now I'm about to crawl into bed and watch Monk, the perfect end to a perfect day!

xo Meghan

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