August 26, 2011

In with the Intro

*Bean + Dakota + Me*

I suppose I've put this post off long enough, (an entire four days, yes I know it's madness) so where to begin?  I'm a young stay at home mama of a 13 month old little girl named Dakota Moon. This little girl is a riot! She's incredibly sweet, and loves making people laugh. She's my world. A lot like her daddy, Bean! I'm so lucky to be making a family with my best friend! Bean and I both have really close families that both live in town. We are so lucky. It's not unusual to find us spending time with them 3/4 nights out of them week. I've got a huge family and I love that we are all so close. I hope to instill that into all of my children because, at the end of the day, all your really have is your family. 

I was born and raised (mostly) in Florida, except for a 3 year blip where we lived in Okinawa, Japan! That will always be one of my most fond memories. I have one brother, and I've been lucky enough to inherit a whole other family through Bean.

Lets see, I have 3 tattoos, (7 if you count the ones I did myself in high school, but that's for another day)  two of which have very special meaning to me. I like books, owls, Russian dolls, and cameras. We have a big collection of plastic and non. I love the idea of organization and being an organized person, but I loose just about anything of importance on the daily. Think: my iphone, keys, wallet, purse, grocery list i JUST wrote, etc.

Anyway, enough chatter. After reading this you'll probably think I'm a hair-brained girl who has tattoos and carries her baby + camera around everywhere with her. I supposed that's a little true, but stick around and you'll find that there's a bit more to me than that!

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xo Meghan

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