August 24, 2011


*excuse this mess of a bun*

As I mentioned yesterday my SIL, Angela, and myself are in the process of becoming a household name. Just kidding! But we are actually putting our crafty hands to work and coming up with cute things for you and your kiddos, heck even your grandma will want to buy this stuff! This is the first public mention of it, so promise you'll keep it a secret!

I just had to take a quick photo of the new stamp that we ordered to make this all official. We scoured different websites looking for the perfect person to create our stamp, to no avail. Thankfully, I came across 2impress, and I couldn't be any more please. They were all so helpful in getting us exactly what we needed. We handpicked two fonts and they worked it into one of their pre-maid borders. When I came home and found the stamp I squealed in delight, it's so wonderful! Did I mention that it took less than two weeks for me to place my order and then have it waiting in my mailbox? I highly recommend them, they were both friendly and professional and what a great combo that is!

 Now, to start taking pictures and packaging. Fingers crossed we "launch" September 2 at First Friday!

xo Meghan

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