August 23, 2011

Library Date Dress love

Can I just say how excited I am for this new line? I was so upset when Elsie debuted her spring line for Red Velvet and I missed out. That Lemon Pie dress was perfect for a picnic date, or a trip to your local bakery and it would have been more perfect with me in it! But alas, I didn't order in time. I have learned my lesson and I am bound and determined not to let this happen again. September 1 she is launching the Autumn line for Red Velvet, and trust me they sell out FAST! If you find yourself loving one of her dresses (honestly, who wouldn't) then you better get it while you can. I'm already planning to be first in the virtual line!

xo Meghan


  1. Did you end up snagging one of these? I got this dress too! <3

  2. I asked for 3, (haha) so I'm thinking I'll get at least one of them for Christmas! Which one did you get!


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