September 15, 2011


This week has been, well, one of those weeks. Nothing about it was particularly upsetting or anything like that, it's just been long and dragged out. I've felt so sluggish, tired, and meh, even if I got well over my 8 hours of sleep. Do you ever  feel that way? I don't get that way often, but when I do it gets the best of me and I find myself being more lazy, less social, and grumpy. I have to snap myself out of it by doing something fun, dancing to some really awesome music, and putting on something cute. I need to remind myself that life is, frankly, just too short to be feeling this way and I need to appreciate the Here & Now.

This little town is under a lot of press, and it should be just what I need to wake up from my sleepy daze! If your not into college football, pretend you are for the next few minutes....ESPN College Game Day is here, in our little town! Something about we have the most tradition, so fun! And they're here giving things away, doing interviews and all sorts of other neat things. Now, this is Bean's DREAM I tell 'ya! He is so so excited. He probably won't sleep from now until Sunday, but that's okay because I love seeing him excited! We aren't actually going to the game, but we're going to his moms Saturday night to watch it. There will be lots of yummy food, lots and lots of cornhole (mine + Bean's favorite), and some appropriate themed cupcakes made by yours truly!

Just thinking about all of the fun gets me feeling better! Putting things in perspective really helps me a lot. Hope your Thursday night turns into a lovely Friday, and leads you into a wonderful weekend!

xo Meghan

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