September 06, 2011

Channeling my Sixteen year old self.

I'm guilty. Guilty of loving and loathing a reality no, heck, I'd even say it's a drama. I am one of those who tunes in every Tuesday night at 10 P.M. to watch. There is tears, laughing, what did she just say? moments, and so much more. Baby mama drama, baby daddy drama, cat fights between mom and daughter, and alcoholics. Still not sure what I'm talking about? You obviously don't have it bad like me. It's Teen Mom!

I don't know why but something about this show just feeds my need for drama. I really only enjoy watching Maci, Bently, and Kyle. They're so adorable! But I tune in to watch Amber scream and mock Gary. Farrah be incredibly rude to her mom, all the while Sophia is suckin' on her paci at, what, 3 years old? (Not ragging on any moms who just can't get their kid off the pacifire yet, it's just Farrah...) Tyler and Catelynn being so cute and living on their own, not letting their crazy parents stop them from finding happiness. All in all, it feeds the 16 year old Highschool girl lost somewhere inside me.

If you don't watch Teen Mom, I highly encourage you to. You'll either feel like it's extremely sad (which it is), or you'll think it's hilarious (which is what Bean thinks) and either way, you'll have a good time knowing you can't possibly be as bad as some other people out there.  All in all, two thumbs down in the best possible way!

xo Meghan

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