September 07, 2011

Dakota Moon: 13 Months Old

Dear Dakota,

As I write this, you are asleep in the next room, and will be 13 months old tomorrow. It seems kind of silly that you're taking a nap at 6 in the evening and then you'll go to bed at 8:30 tonight, but that's what you've been doing lately. You are the sweetest little girl I know and I have been truly bless by how good of a baby, now girl, you are. You love sharing everything with anyone, and aren't jealous at all. You love to give kisses to me and daddy but usually only kiss others when they ask for one. (Gigi, grammie, etc). On top of sweet, you're such a silly little girl! Always trying to make someone laugh, which you always do.

You know lots of sign language. You're learning so you can talk to Papa Bryan. You can say: more please, all done, yummy in my tummy, thank you, sorry, no, yes, and please. You can thank Gigi for teaching you those, although we have bought a book to start teaching you  more. Anytime you want something you just walk up and do the please sign and I can't help but give whatever it is you're wanting to you. It melts my heart. It's really great that you know these things in sign since you can't say them yet. It helps us to understand your needs. But oh boy do you know some words: ball, out, no, boo, hi, mama, dada, bubba, and yeah just to name a few.  You have completely mastered the word out. You make sure you put the pft at the end of out. It's so incredibly cute.

Dakota Moon's Outfit Details: Sweater: Circo, Target. Shoes: Walmart. Headband: Tjmaxx. Romper: Thrifted

You love figuring things out. You love to take the nesting dolls off of the shelf and open them up, and put them all back together again, individually. You can take take lids off and unscrew things. We're more cautious than ever! Since before you were born, we have been a music lovin' family and you couldn't help but be born into the mix. Your daddy has a drum set and you love to play it. We don't even have to show you how anymore, you just know to grab sticks and bang. You know how to grab CD's off the shelf and take them over to the CD player and put it on top. You can open and close the CD player by pressing the open button, too! You love to dance, and boogie!

You're growing to be a funny, wonderful, sweet little girl and I'm so happy to be your mommy. I love you

xo Mama

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