September 08, 2011

Fall Wishlist

Fall has got my head in a frenzy! These past few days have been so fantasticly fall feeling that I find myself wearing boots and tights as I write this! It might be a bit much, seeing as the high during the day is still 75-80. But I just can't help it!

Fall gets my spirits up, makes me want to go on more adventures, and just genuinely give my soul a happy warm feeling! I even put my "Welcome Fall" plaque with owls on it out today. I quickly took it down when I got to thinking about what the neighbors would think: "Is that lady crazy, shes got layers and it's 89 degrees out, it is not fall." These are the things that go through my mind...... Anyway, I thought it would be fun to shop around and make a fall wishlist! This list includes MANY appearances by the wonderful Modcloth!

Thanks for taking a peak! 

xo Meghan

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