September 18, 2011

Today is the day!!!!

*our stamp in the works!*

Erhum, well, tonight is the day! We finally did it! After hours of trying to figure it out, countless questions, loads of laughs and depressing shrieks, we finally did it. We launched our Facebook! Deliciously Sew now has a Facebook showcasing all of our hard work. We've taken an oath of silence, swearing never to speak of the terrible misfortunes we had tonight trying to "launch" our page. But by the grace of God, it just finally worked. Praise Jesus!!! If you could do me a favor and go like our page, we'd be ever so grateful! We've got a handful of places that we're going to be showcasing our handmade goodness and we're so excited.

Here is a photo of us from earlier jumping for our future joy! I just can't say enough how excited we are! It's a late late night here, but we checked everything off our list and more.

xo Meghan 

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