September 20, 2011

What I wore: Gameday!

*me, Audrey, and Angela proudly reppin' our team*

Outfit Details: Sweater, Forever 21//Shirt, oooold//Shorts + Suspenders, Forever 21//
Owl Necklace, Forever 21//Shoes, ?// Bows, handmade by Deliciously Sew

I'm not sure about you, but when I think about football I think about fall! The colors, the weather, the inspiring feelings, and most of all, the clothes. This weekend was a big game for us! I woke up early Saturday to such a cool, crisp, fall feeling morning. I knew I had to have the perfect "outfit" to match my feelings for the upcoming football game and the weather. I made 3 special bows the night before and I kind of based my
"look, if you will" off of that. My bow was garnet, and I knew I had this mustard-y gold sweater that would make up my team colors! (garnet + gold) When I found this shorts + suspenders combo I knew it would be perfect for gameday! It's corduroy, rich brown and screams  fall to me. I've always wanted to wear suspenders, but always been self conscious about them. They were overall really comfortable and super cute! I can't wait to pair some orange tights under these when it actually gets a little cooler. One of my fall staples for sure!

On a unrelated note; Dakota is teething again. Yikes! She's got all the symptoms of a teething baby: runny nose, cranky, upset tummy, can't stay asleep at night, and a temperature. Teething is the pits I tell ya! It's taking a toll mostly on her, and it makes me so sad knowing there isn't really anything I can do for her. She's due for some extra loving and squeezing the next few days/weeks. I'm off to fix dinner, Jared is coming over for our weekly (last) Teen Mom extravaganza. It's the Finale, there might be a tear, or three. Hope your Tuesday is lovely! 

xo Meghan

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