September 27, 2011

Tuesday; tying up loose ends.

Okay, I'm back...wasn't very long at all really! 

First off, Deliciously Sew made a mini-update today! We've added quite a few things to our Seasonal album. We're really getting in the Fall spirit with pumpkins, leaves, acorns and my favorite; candy corns! We're in the Halloween spirit too though, with ghosts, cute skulls, bats and more! Check out our Facebook  for all the info and photos (more to come as soon as I put them up!)

Well, I have some wonderful news!!! We have 
signed up to attend our first event! Yes folks, we are going to a craft fair! Eeeep!! We're going to be setting up shop at the 3rd Annual CEF Market. I am very excited about this event because, from reading the blog, it seems like a lot of the other booths are similar to ours. Not so similar that we won't stand out from crowd, but enough that we are reaching the type of demographic that we are hoping to reach! I've invited basically everyone I know, as has Angela. If you live in or near Tallahassee I personally invite you to come by October 8th and visit us at our booth! We'll be there from 9 to 3, with a full stock of cute things, handmade goodness, sweet treats, and big smiles! We will be the cute girls with the REALLY cute booth. Shout out to both of our hubs for doing all the behind the scenes work.

I recently found a blog that I LOVE! So when I saw she was calling for October sponsors, I knew this was my chance. I quickly grabbed up two spots, one for DS and the other for this little blog. So if you haven't read her blog yet, I'd be surprised if you hadn't, go do it now! She'll win you over with her cute outfits and 5 dollar thrifted finds! So cute. 

*super cute picture for no real reason*

I'm spending my night with this guy ^ watching the Teen Mom check up with Dr. Drew (am I the only one who finds this man attractive? Please tell me no!) and making more Fall inspired things for our home and for DS! I hope you're inspired to do or make something wonderful. Have a lovely Tuesday night!

xo Meghan

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