September 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hi and happy Monday! I feel like it has been ages since I've posted last, when in reality its only been a day or so. It has been the nicest weekend/beginning of the week! It was busy without really having any place to go or anything specific to do. So nice!

Saturday was the free entrance to any of the National Parks day, and although we didn't go to a National Park, we did go to the Tallahassee Museum (we like to call it the Jr. Museum). We took our new to Florida neighbors. They have a baby just a few months older than Dakota so it's been so fun having someone so similar living so close. We've already set up a weekly "play-date" and we switch off going to each others house on Friday night. It's really fun and sweet to see the babies play together! After spending the afternoon at the museum looking at old Florida relics and native to Florida animals, and almost DROWNING ourselves in sweat (man it is hot down here!) we went to my moms to eat snacks and watch the game. I kind of love that, that is one of our traditions. I'm hoping to make many more this fall + winter season!

Speaking of hot weather and traditions, Sunday we spent the day tucking away summer treasures (old quilts, paper lanterns, summer pictures, and things of that sort) and started pulling out our fall favorites. I put on a big pot of soup, turned the air down to 65, and lit the first Apple Cinnamon candle of the "season". Hey, I didn't want all our Fall decorating work to go to waste! I even made my own variation of this sweet garland! It's so fun to decorate and redecorate for each season. I love the change of colors and smells, just lovely. It does not, by any means, feel like fall around here. The past few days have been either very overcast/rainy and humid, or sunny and humid. Yuck! Mrs. Mother Nature, pretty please blow some crisp air down this way! I've got a few more things to do before it's finished, but I'm excited. I'll share photos sometime this week. Hope your Monday is wonderful!

xo Meghan

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