September 22, 2011

Something Lovely + an Update

It's true, you are so so lovely. Hi and happy Thursday! Thursday is only one day away from Friday, and Friday is the weekend! I love the weekends because we get to spend lots of time together as a family! We've been hooked on watching Friday Night Lights this week and I'm pretty sure we'll be putting a dent into this season this weekend. It's the perfect mix of love, sports, and drama! 

Update News: (!!!) It's so exciting to say that Deliciously Sew has update news! We've finally got all of our business ducks in a row, and now we're just waiting for our creative ducks to follow. AKA, we've gotten all of our business taken care of, now we just need to practice our table set up. We're still kickin' it with the Facebook, so go like us if you haven't yet! We have some events set up for the near future, so keep your eyes peeled! You can hear all the news first via our facebook, but I promise I'll blog about it too. This whole experience is exciting!

xo Meghan

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