October 07, 2011

#2 Fridays are for:

Like this lovely art? Well click here to print your very own! Typography + Fall = two things I love!

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This weeks 'Fridays are for' is full of Halloween inspiration! I've never had a Halloween party but I am very fond of the idea. I think it'd be a little to close to try and have one this year, but next year, get ready! And aren't those mummy dogs soo adorable? I was going to make them last year but made witch cupcakes instead. FYI: Black icing is viscous stuff, very hard to remove! I also am quite fond of that black, white, and silver Halloween table. So classic! I'm pinning these to my virtual pinboard at Pinterest (AhoyNative) for next year. Feel free to find some awesome things for your very own Halloween/Fall party there!

Today is Bean's birthday so I'm running errands and decorating for his party! Hope you have a lovely Friday!

xo Meghan

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