October 07, 2011

Happy Birthday Bean!

and my very favorite, from my graduation!

Today, some odd years ago, this handsome man was born, and I am so grateful. 

Dear Bean, I wish you nothing but many many happy years. That your burdens will be light and you will never stop finding joy in the little things. I am so happy to see what a wonderful man and father you have become in the years that I've known you. I hope that you set goals, and attain them. That you prove them wrong. All of them! That you stay grounded in who you are and have become. (such a lovely person, you are) I've celebrated birthdays with you before, but I know this one will be the best yet! This year is special, no matter how many times you tell me it's not. This year is for big dreams, big adventures, and big love. I love you, Happy Birthday Bean!!!

ps, isn't that baby boy adorable? Grown up to be an equally adorable man!

xo Meghan

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