October 06, 2011

3 Goals

This week has been a busy one around these parts! This weekend will be no different! Two special people are having birthdays back-to-back, and the craft show is Saturday! I'm so excited about all three things! I haven't posted very much this week because, well, I am soooo busy! I spent a good chunk of my night last night editing/scanning pictures for something special and writing a few of my posts ahead of time! Just because I know if I hadn't of done that, I'd be freaking out trying to fit it in, and if I couldn't fit it in, I'd be freaking out that I didn't already have it done. (the way I think!) I just wanted to sit down and honestly write 3 goals for going into this weekend ahead of me. I do this often when I have something that I really need to get focused about, and it has proven helpful. So I'll give it a go again! 

  1. Less Stress, Less Mess: I tend to stress myself to the max when I have a deadline or have an important party coming up and honestly it doesn't do anybody good. I get upset very easily and snap at people for silly reasons and after the fact end up feeling very guilty because the whole situation could have been avoided. All in all, less stress makes it easier to do the tasks at hand.
  2. You can't do it all: You really can't. I set expectations much higher than I ever should and make extravagant lists detailing everything I know I MUST  need to make this party a success, or make this event even better. Frankly, the party doesn't need matching tablecloth cups, napkins, decor, etc. And the event doesn't need a popcorn machine to attract people! (Just examples!) What I'm trying to say is that yes, everything could be BETTER, but does it  be need to? I need to assess my "top needs" when I am faced with things like this and really use my best judgement. Because if I put it on the list, chances are I'm going to need to cross it off, and if I can't get to it, I'll feel awful about myself and end up stressing. ^see above.
  3. Enjoy!: That seems a little silly to say, but it's truth! 9 times out of 10 if there's something I've been working on (say a party) I'm too busy stressing and trying to do it all (see 1 + 2) that I don't take time to enjoy what I HAVE accomplished and spend time with the people I love or spend time doing what I love. Which is not okay. I really need to work on this!
There you have it, my 3 attainable goals for going into this weekend! If I stay less stressed and realize I can't do it all, then I'll be able to enjoy myself...which is what I want to do! I urge you to make a list too if you feel that you need some balance! Or just because lists are fun! Happy Thursday. 

xo Meghan

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